We invest in the long term to improve our collective wellbeing.

Our vision is of a future where we are reconnected to ourselves, each other and nature.

We care for cultural initiatives through seed-funding and partnerships. We do this with our Incubate, Connect and Explore programmes, which strive for positive societal change.

In this way, we incite creative magic working with practitioners at the edges of artistic practice and at the forefront of ecological thinking.

Gaia Art Foundation
- Incubates artistic and social projects that catalyse change in long-term and tangible ways.
- Commits to supporting practitioners whose work provokes new ways of seeing, thinking and being.
- Connects thought leaders who engender positive thought and action at the forefront of holistic, ecological thinking.
- Generates cross-disciplinary thinking, collaboration and creative magic to reconnect to ourselves, each other and nature.
- Impacts artists, thinkers, cultural practitioners and audiences to strive for positive collective change and wellbeing.

If you have an idea or a project that you think ties in with our mission, please share with us as we would love to collaborate and incite creative magic. info@gaiaartfoundation.org
  • Activates an interdisciplinary network
  • Engages new audiences
  • Opportunities to instigate an ongoing collaboration
  • Engenders new perspectives
  • Manifests outside of the museum & gallery


We believe in the power of expansive ideas. We go beyond traditional grant giving by creatively collaborating with practitioners. We provide seed funding to fully incubate originators’ ideas, often when the project is in its infancy or early stages, requiring start-up investment to cover essential needs such as initial operating expenses, research and development and studio costs. Along the way, we nurture through introductions and advice.

We facilitate/enable gatherings with thinkers and originators working within the arts, humanities, sciences and technology. We partner with individuals and institutions to generate cross disciplinary thinking and creative collaboration to evoke positive thought and action at the forefront of holistic, ecological thinking.

We platform and support research and discussions that envision a reconnection to ourselves, each other and nature. We engage in scientific, artistic as well as magical explorations to improve our collective, interspecies wellbeing.  
  • Activates an interdisciplinary network
  • Engages new audiences
  • Opportunities to instigate an ongoing collaboration
  • Engenders new perspectives
  • Manifests outside of the museum & gallery



The team

Our Values

As Gaia Art Foundation we believe it is our responsibility to ask questions, encourage collaboration and experimentation, and work together towards a future that is caring and respectful of the planet. To realise this vision in which humanitarian and ecological issues are treated with equal urgency, it is imperative that we unite multiple voices from diverse backgrounds.

Art plays a powerful and proactive role in effecting change. It has the ability to synthesize complex, cross-disciplinary ideas and present them in new ways that are engaging, accessible and form an emotional connection with audiences. We work with those who are inventive and resourceful, who are able to operate in the margins or promote the ideas that might have remained on the periphery. Edges are fertile places. Across the world, shorelines are the most biologically diverse areas of our planet, where one form of life rubs up against and washes over another.

In an age where our behaviour and understanding of the world is shaped by globalisation and mass media, interdisciplinary perspectives and methods are needed to develop solutions.  So we ask what do an artist collective, an architect, a data analyst, a scientist and a think tank have in common? They have the potential to band together to find alternative solutions to universal challenges or illuminate previously hidden narratives. Gaia Art Foundation identifies and supports these “fertile zones” and seeks to create bridges between them through artistic projects. We are here to champion those experimenting and breathing life into these spaces, to create an evergreen community that can have real impact on our planet and for humanity.

We believe that there are many different organisations and individuals across a wide range of disciplines who are asking the same questions, who share common values and a dedication to improve our ecosystem. We want to connect and gather them.

To this end, we are a creative partner, a devoted collaborator, the connecting thread between practitioners operating in different fields and advocate for projects both with quantifiable outcomes and speculative research outside of a limiting timescale.
How we work

Gaia Art Foundation can consult, produce and provoke; as we understand that it might be challenging to fit a practice into a single framework we embrace an openminded and fluid approach. We take risks and we want to be a catalyst for change.

We trust in the power of art, creative thinking and contemporary culture to connect our many different worlds, building a diverse and dynamic network of researchers, scientists, artists and organisations that find value in sharing resource and research – between us and the planet, between one another.

Gaia Art Foundation provides numerous levels of support. When presented with a new proposal, we ask the following questions:
  • Does it have the potential to affect positive change?
  • Does it activate an interdisciplinary network?
  • Beyond financial aid, how might Gaia Art Foundation contribute?
  • Could this project instigate an ongoing collaboration?
  • Does the project address a critical societal issue or concern?
  • Does it approach said issue in a novel, imaginative or creative way?
To submit proposals for collaboration, please email info@gaiaartfoundation.org