Worldmaking Practices: A Take on the Future


In this recording, Delfina Foundation curator-in-residence Sara Garzón and artists Alan Poma, José Luis Macas, and Patricia Domínguez explore how alternative forms of worldmaking can enable the possibility of the future.

Ongoing forms of oppression and multiple emergencies seem to threaten the very possibility of the future. In response to this, through a visual exchange, the panelists will consider how contemporary art from Latin America can foster a collective re-imagining of the future, through proposing new orientations for being and existing in the world.

This event took place on Zoom on 10 December 2020, in partnership with Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros (CPPC) and formed part of Delfina Foundation’s residency programme science_technology_society – a partnership with Gaia Art Foundation. The discussion built on and responded to topics, provocations and imaginaries explored in the recently-published CPPC editorial project, Worldmaking Practices: A Take on the Future.

A Spanish translation of the discussion and a transcript will be available soon.