Anna Skladmann at Garden Museum

Gaia Art Foundation was pleased to support Anna Skladmann’s exhibition The Man with the Midas Touch: A Botanical Index of Narcissus at the Garden Museum, London.

Located in the central nave of the museum, Skladmann’s photographs depict the gold-medal winning Narcissus flowers from the Chelsea Flower Show in 2016, grown by Johnny Walkers, who is known for his champion displays at the Show, having won his 25th consecutive gold medal in 2018.

In selecting these flowers, which are made by man rather than nature, Skladmann’s exhibition highlights issues around sustainability and the relationship between technology and nature. Through her the use of scanning techniques, Skladmann further challenges the beauty of nature and its place in contemporary life, which is heavily influenced by technological advancements.

Skladmann’s exhibition at the Garden Museum follows the publication of a catalogue of the same name in 2017, which Gaia Art Foundation supported. The book which depicts 30 types of gold-medal winning Narcissus flowers and features an essay by Elinore Darzi and poems by Joshua Leon.

The Man with the Midas Touch: A Botanical Index of Narcissus is on view at the Garden Museum, London, from 14 – 28 Feb 2019.