Block Universe 2016

Gaia Art Foundation supported Block Universe 2016, the annual festival bringing together a new wave of cutting-edge performance art at the cross-section of contemporary visual art, dance and music in major institutions and unique venues across London.

Curated by Block Universe founding director Louise O’Kelley, the festival explored the theme of The Future Perfect, presenting performances that ask how we construct the idea of self in a technologically sophisticated society. Seven new commissions are included in the programme from an exciting selection of emerging and established artists including: Sam Belinfante and Elaine Mitchener, Alexis Blake, Jesse Darling and Raju Rage, Philip Ewe, Lina Hermsdorf, Grace Schwindt and Erica Scourti.

Block Universe will also present works by niv Acosta, Mårten Spångberg and Trajal Harrell, newly adapted or showing in London for the first time. Block Universe collaborates with foundations and institutions that share the same visionary ambition to support the new wave in cutting edge artistic practices and performance today.

Block Universe is on view at various locations in London from 30 May – 5 June 2016.

Watch a highlight reel from Block Universe 2016 below: