CLIMAVORE by Cooking Sections

CLIMAVORE Station is a long-term project by Cooking Sections that includes a variety of site-responsive projects across the world.

The CLIMAVORE project identifies how changes to our climate offer humanity a new set of rules to adapt our diet to. The project  constructs new spaces and infrastructure in collaboration with experts in ecology, marine biology, agronomy, nutrition, and engineering. Each project embraces new, flexible and more sustainable ways of eating; from drought resistant crops in areas where water is scarce to filter feeders during times of polluted or more acidic waters. Framing diet within a global financial landscape, CLIMAVORE challenges large-scale agricultural business that dictates what is to be produced and consumed, engaging critically with the geopolitical implications of climate change and the resulting pressure placed on humans and non-humans alike.

Focusing on the polluted oceans season, the CLIMAVORE Station is currently running three strands of activities: LEARNING, GROWING and BUILDING. Each project explores how seasons of food production and consumption can be adapted in reaction to man-induced climatic events and landscape alteration. In contrast to the typically Eurocentric idea of seasons, CLIMAVORE considers how new seasons are emerging: periods of polluted oceans, soil exhaustion, subsidence, pandemic and drought that have become more present than the classical cycles of summer, autumn, winter and spring.

The below video details the CLIMAVORE project and the issues around salmon farming in Scotland: