Stefan Brüggemann

Conceived by Stefan Brüggemann and supported by Gaia Art Foundation, The Wall was a project using a large, open-air hoarding in Central London on the corner of Queen’s Gate and Harrington Road, comprising a space of approximately 100 metres in length. The space hosted a range of specially commissioned artworks by some of the most relevant artists of the current artistic context.

Each commission was exhibited for around six months, allowing visitors to enjoy it during an extended period of time. Located in South Kensington, a historical neighbourhood that is inhabited and visited by a local audience and an international crowd, the Wall is an initiative that establishes a deep engagement with contemporary art in a public venue.

To inaugurate its programme, The Wall displayed 26 of Brüggemann’s statements and declarations, a 'non-institutional retrospective' of the London-based artist’s renowned ‘Text Pieces’ (1997-2014). During the conception of the project, Brüggemann spoke with Hans Ulrich Obrist, artistic director of the Serpentine Galleries. The conversation is archived here.

Below is a video introduction to the project: